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  • Do you need to design a floor plan quickly?

    FloorPAD (Floor Plan Advanced Designer) allows you to create a plan of your apartment or house, furnish it and display it in the form of a 3D presentation in no time. The application is available to anyone for free and you're welcome to try it anytime.

  • FloorPAD is fun

    Working with FloorPAD is simple and user friendly. Design your plan, select your floor type, wall colour and add furniture. You can walk around your apartment or a house directly in your browser thanks to powerful 3D visualization. Get inspired at FloorPAD TV.

  • Professional presentations for real estate agencies

    Do you sell real estate and want to be better than the others? The professional version provides more options to stand out of the crowd. FloorPAD is your guarantee of success!

  • Virtual tours

    FloorPAD allows you combine finished plans with virtual tours that will enhance your perception of space. This service has great potential in the real estate business. Present your property on a professional level! Contact our business department for more information.

  • Online floor plan design.

    FloorPAD does not require downloading of large and complicated software packages to your computer. You don't need to install anything to create 2D plans and visualise them in 3D (provided that you have Adobe Flash Player 11 installed).

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FloorPAD has many benefits...

Free and always available. Just register for free and create your floor plans anytime and anywhere. You can get back to your floor plan for additional editing later.

Fast and simple. Anyone can handle FloorPAD. You will have your floor plan ready and start adding furniture in about two minutes.

Immersive 3D visualization. You will be able to dislplay your 2D floor plan in 3D directly in your browser in only a few clicks.

Share your designs! Share them with your friends or clients on social networks or by email.

We have a product for everyone. FloorPAD can fulfill everyone's needs, whether you are drawing free plans for your personal use or professional ones in the price range of regular hosting services.

FloorPAD saves real estate agents and their clients time and money. You can focus at truly interested clients and work more effectively.

Embed pictures in floor plans. FloorPAD allows you to add pictures directly to your house or apartment plan.

Create printing sets. You can save your desings as pictures, export to PDF and subsequently showcase them.

Connect your plan to virtual reality. A virtual tour will give you a full 3D experience - walk around your apartment or house directly in your browser!

Working with FloorPAD is great, I have a plan ready in seconds. I see it as an opportunity to elevate the level of our services which I am sure our clients will appreciate.
Aleš Paták
CEO of ERA InReality
When you're looking for a property, you always welcome some information about its dimensions. FloorPAD makes it simple and there is a nice 3D presentation that goes with it - so why not?
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